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Re: I have returned

From:The Keenans <makeenan@...>
Date:Monday, September 24, 2001, 22:57
Hello all!

 This is to reintroduce myself. I was on the list before about two years
ago. Recently i started to receive the list from yahoo. You can't post
though and I've seen some things that I would have like to speak to
here.  :)

I still recognize a lot of your names.

My name is Duke Keenan. You may remember My conlang Ok, if you were here
when I was last here.

At that time Ok was pretty much my only language. Now Ive got six of my
own and I'm interested in three from other people. For this I blame you
people :) That's because I didn't realize the things that could be done
with a conlang until I saw some of the things you folks had done. I
wanted to try them too.

Since I was last here I've begun to turn Ok into a mother language. Its
daughter is called Glaska. Ive also begun to gradually create a
conculture that they both live in.
I'm just letting it grow naturally. I still haven't nailed down what I'm
gonna call the speakers of these two languages

so that's me.
I'll be readin' ya.
Duke Keenan


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