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Results of Poll by Email No. 25

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Sunday, March 9, 2003, 19:24
        Last week's poll question asked what languages you have a.) become
conversational in and b.) what other languages you have tried studying. 23 of
you responded; what I will do is list first the percentage of languages
studied, then list the more interesting languages people have studied.
        1. "I have become conversation in X language(s):"
        A. One (5 responses, 22%)
        B. Two (3 responses, 13%)
        C. Three (2 responses, 9%)
        D. Four (2 responses, 9%)
        E. Five (2 responses, 9%)
        F. Other/None (Your native language doesn't count) (9 responses, 39%)

        2. "I have tried studying X language(s):"
        A. One (4 responses, 17%)
        B. Two (1 response, 4%)
        C. Three (3 responses, 13%)
        D. Four (1 response, 4%)
        E. Five (3 responses, 13%)
        F. Six (3 responses, 13%)
        G. Seven (1 response, 4%)
        H. Eight (2 responses, 9%)
        I. Eleven (2 responses, 9%)
        J. Seventeen (1 response, 4%)
        K. Too many to count (2 responses, 9%)

        Some of the rarer languages studied include Finnish and Hindi (Jonathan
Knibb), Cornish (Joe), Ukrainian (Jan van Steenbergen), Ancient Egyptian (Mau
Rauszer), Gothic (Tristan), Twi (Taliesin), Lithuanian and Romulan (Sarah
Marie Parker-Allen), Basque (Roger Mills), Croatian (Robert Wilson), Yidish
and Ladino (Steg Belsky), Mohawk (Amanda Babcock), ASL (Arthaey Angosii),
Bosnian, Quichua, Cherokee, Hawaiian, Urdu, and many more (Heather Rice).
        Thanks to everyone who responded, and stay tuned for the next Poll by Email!
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