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Nceutueiti ['gydeS]

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 16, 2003, 19:06
While still by far my least developed language, Oro Mpaa has
finally reached the point where I could (albeit with much
effort) translate a sentence without having to make up new
grammar.  Phew!

A description of the language can be found at my page:

Here's a small tidbit of the language: |Ous asso harae|
[oz'assu 'harai] "There's a tiger at the river."  (lit.:
river witnesses tiger).

The phonology section is quite heavy; if you're interested
only in the latest developments, skip right to "Syntax".  But
if you're wondering how |nceutueiti| can sound like ['gydeS],
by all means, have a look.  =)

(Hint: It's etabnannery, not maggelity.)

-- Christian Thalmann

PS: |Nceutueiti| is a type of river fish.  It's about half a
     meter long and has a blunt armored head.  The name is
     derived from |nceue tueiti| [giwideS] "fist arm", due
     to the similarity of its body with an outstretched arm
     ending in a fist.


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