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Re: Inverse conlang relay

From:Mechthild Czapp <0zu149@...>
Date:Monday, April 6, 2009, 20:27
Okay, I mentioned Rejistanian already, but I think I should write a few things about it:

> 1. what conlang(s) you have that you think are well enough > documented for other people to translate into them; >
Rejistanian, it is an artlang and fauxlang (an auxlang for a fictional country)
> 2. what is the URL for any online documentation in said conlang(s); >
it is still horribly outdated, but an outline is at
> 3. what other materials you could send to a potential translator > in offlist email; >
Updated info, short texts and songs in rejistanian, also the constitution of Rejistania if it ever gets finished.
> 4. what about this conlang is special? why might someone want > to spend a couple of months studying it and then translate > something into it? >
My first idea was: To snicker at the mistakes of a newbie ;) But actually: It is rather easy but I found it to be interesting since it can express certain things better than English or German can. I remember when I talked to my fiance and he said something, and I immediately saw it in front of me in rejistanian and thought it would sound awesome (and he agreed after I translated it word for word for him). It does not require you to be able to use Unicode since 18 letters, ' and ~ and the punctuation characters are everything you need. Even though it is a simple language, it is not only yet another language which simply repeats all concepts of English or German. -- Neu: GMX FreeDSL Komplettanschluss mit DSL 6.000 Flatrate + Telefonanschluss für nur 17,95 Euro/mtl.!*