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Workshops Review #09

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Monday, April 11, 2005, 11:53
REVIEW #09 (covering the two weeks period from Mar 27 to Apr 09):

I put authors' names in square brackets, and projects names in figure ones.

A posteriori workshops:

"based on lgs of First Nations, Black Africa, Australian Aboriginals etc."
No activity since Feb 24.

"based on Celtic lgs"
No activity since Mar 17.

"based on East Asian lgs: CJK, Indochina, India (both Aryan and Dravidic),
Siberia, Pacific Ocean etc."
If Tokugawa had taken France... East Asian (Buddhist) cultural heritage.
What are Tungusic lgs? Why Japanese is most popular?

"based on Germanic lgs"
No activity since Mar 17.

"based on Proto-IndoEuropean"
No activity since Mar 03.

"based on Romance lgs"
No activity since Mar 17.

"based on Slavic, Baltic lgs or Greek"
Origin of /j/ phoneme in Slavic lgs - (continued).

"based on Uralic lgs"
No activity since Aug 25, 2004

"based on West Asian lgs: Semitic and other Afrasian, Turkic, North
Caucasian etc."
[Habarakhe] in his {Litnit} is playing around with the idea of either using
Latin form and Hebrew vocabulary or vice versa. Hebrew phonology (stops <->
fricatives). Segolates. Some {Judajca} info from [Steg Belsky]. Sibilants in
Semitic and Romance lgs (and their blends).

"concreoles and conpidgins"
The group finally decided to settle on Yahoo, but shows no indications of

Other specialized workshops:

- - conscripts:
Another script for {Saalangal} conlang [by B. Garcia].
Pangrams in different scripts.

- - League of the Lost Languages -
{Ynglesh Lawngwedg} Preview [by Angel]. A question about Stargate Egyptian
(does it have smth to do with LLL, I wonder?) {Mærik} update [by Benct
Philip Jonsson].

- - conlangs in use:
No activity since Feb 11.

Sister groups:

No activity since Mar 01.

[Xenophile] makes an interesting translation into {Dramirsi} - (continued).

Groups in other languages:

- - in Spanish:
Usual, but already not so paranoic chats about anglophonic imperialism -
(continued). How to construct rapidly phrases in pseudo-English (Spanish
etc.) Analysis of principal components and its application in linguistics.
Problem of classification of Romance languages. Time to learn Chinese! -
will it be easier if written not in hanzi? Coincidences between Welsh and
Hindi. Do new technologies change our languages?

- - in French:
No activity since Jan 22.

- - in Russian:
Why people do not come?

- - in German:
Creative linguistics terminology discussions. Conlang names in German. The
first NETÜDA (German pronunciation thread), and the nature of German stops.
May we use dialects in the group? - No! Native tongues etc.

Enjoy your communication!

-- Yitzik