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Re: Upijuli!

From:Joseph Fatula <fatula3@...>
Date:Friday, January 24, 2003, 5:04
I'm starting to get the idea that even Andrew doesn't know how to use Ygyde
for basic communication.  That's fine if he's just making the language for
fun, but he keeps telling everyone that it's the best language for
international communication.  I'm trying to at least use it for
interpersonal communication, but to no avail.

Andrew, where are you?  Ygyde looks really interesting, please don't tell me
you've given up on it?  Upijuli!

--- Here is the original message I sent in Ygyde:

Ila edo ujamudu ica e ubu andlu ebe idece igi a ila afisy ocele ini ila eba
uzice iku Ygyde y.

Ubu andlu ibu?

--- And here it is morpheme-by-morpheme:

I now verb-lost-mental-knowledge if (foreign Andrew will
verb-language-communication about genitive I adjective-old-part
noun-communication-unit what I past verb-mobile-communication in Ygyde).

foreign Andrew ...?

--- And in a more straightforward English translation:

I now wonder if Andrew will respond to my old message that I sent in Ygyde.