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Boston Conlangcon

From:Douglas Koller, Latin & French <latinfrench@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 5, 2002, 19:01
For those interested and able to come:

If all who say they can come come, ten of us will be convening
November 10, this coming Sunday, in Harvard Square at the Out Of Town
news shack at 2PM. If the weather is inclement, we'll be meeting at
Finagle a Bagel, apparently right outside the square. Secret Vicers
will be sporting blue stars and/or conculture flags for
identification purposes (I'm still brandishing a carnation anyway! :)

So, if you missed out on details when this discussion went offlist
and want to come, bitte. If you need more info, contact me offlist.

Yippee, my very first conlangcon!



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