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Commonwealth of Both Nations (was: Russia in Ill Bethisad)

From:P. M. Arktayg <pmva@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 5, 2002, 19:01
Jan van Steenbergen ta nugatu-r:


> Indeed. As you probably know, "Rzeczpospolita" is a litteral translation > of the word "Republic";
As you probably know :), _rzeczpospolita_ is a calque of Latin _res publica_. In my opinion, _commonwealth_ is a better English counterpart if we talk about Poland.
> sometimes the two constituents were written separately. As far as I > know, it has never been used in Polish in the context of any other > country than itself;
Au contraire: _Rzeczpospolita Wenecka_ 'Republic of Venice', _Rzeczpospolita Rzymska_ 'Roman Republic' and, IIRC, ancient Greek republics.
> the "normal" word for republic is the borrowed "republika".
_Rzeczpospolita_ and _republika_ are semantically two different words. [...] -- /\ P. M. Arktayg pmva[at] /\ \/ "rubba s.idqin ka:na ?akd_aba min kid_bin" \/ \/\/ 'często prawda jest bardziej kłamliwa niż kłamstwo' \/\/


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