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Re: Long Wer phonology

From:Mau Rauszer <maurauser@...>
Date:Thursday, August 15, 2002, 3:47
Christophe Grandsire  <christophe.grandsire@...> 2002.08.14. 13:03:03 +2h-kor írta:

> Are their glyphs alphabetic? Or at least having a relationship with their > sound?
Just as alphabetic as Egyptian hieroglyphs are. I can send or upload examples and calligrapy every time :) And I'm working on a computer font for writing in cat glyphs.
> Or is it a mixed symbolic-alphabetic system like the Egyptian or > Mayan > Hieroglyphs? (I know that they are derived from Egyptian hieroglyphs - > although > in the conhistory it's the contrary that happened ;))) -, but do they work > the > same way?)
Yeah, they do. Their system is (almost) the same although it's more syllabic and less symbolic and uses a vowel skipping system (I read about a hipothesis that the egyptians used that but it's not official. I liked the idea and built it into LW. It's based on front-back vowel contrast as so many other things in LW.,).
> Why not writing /S/ as |zs| or |sz|? It would look more compatible with > |dzs| > for /dZ/...
Well, dzs is just a form remained from the original (Hungarian) version of Hia and Mau where I transliterated /dZ/ as |dzs| to simplify the pronounciation for its readers. It's a very rare sound so it wasn't worthy to change :). And both |sz| and |zs| is an existing diagraph in my tongue (/s/ and /Z/) so I don't want a difficulty for my people pronouncing the cat words. (In the in-progress English translation of H&M, I use an anglicized transliterating style [as most of the books of amateur egyptology do, making the words pronouncable :))))))] )
> > y /j/ ty /t_j/ x /ks/ {mostly for borrowed > > words except xit "foot"} > > w /v/ f /f/ (ch /tS/) > > m /m/ r /r/ h /h/ > > n /n/ l /l/ > > ny /J/ (lh /l`/) > > > > The consonants in parentheses are disappeared form LW during its > > evolution but they still have signs for them. > > > > In which cases do they use those signs then? What were those consonants > replaced with?
No, they aren't used for LW words, they're just remained the parts of the alphabet. Cats only use them for words in Meyadhew where the missing sounds are still alive.
> Otherwise it all looks neat (except that cats could never pull their mouths > around most of those sounds ;))) , but some people managed to make them sing > in > English, so why not? ;))) ). Can't wait to see the rest of the grammar.
Yeah. And in H&M, a brand new world appears behind the scenes of human cultures: the survivors of a more ancient civilization. Surely they do things we're never thought about :D And for the grammar: it changes every time so I'll probably write down modifications or new features in the future but I'll try to give an overall view of LW. -- Mau Ábrahám Zsófia alias Mau Rauszer | |