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Long Wer phonology

From:Mau Rauszer <maurauser@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 14, 2002, 10:11
Joe  <joe@...> 2002.08.14. 09:16:27 -7h-kor írta:

> > Well, are you interested in a summary of its grammar? > > Sure...
_VOWELS_ Long Wer has a quite simple vowel system similar to Hungarian (or if that's more familiar, Quenya :) It has ten vowels but that ten is actually seven because the distinguishment of short and long variants. a /A/ á /a:/ e /E/ é /e:/ i /i/ í /i:/ o /o/ ó /o:/ u /u/ ú /u:/ Note that the last three long vowels(í,ó,ú) is actually written with grave accent but often simplified to acute accent in computer transliteration. The cats don't distinguish long vowels in writing but the language does (like Latin) so there's a lil' difficulty reading their glyphs -- and that's not the only problem. _CONSONANTS_ Well, as with vowels, I wanted a simple system sounding familiar to european ears and a friendly ortography. Their consonants are the following (ordered according to the Meyadhew Alphabet Table) d /d/ t /t/ s /s/ g /g/ q /k/ z /z/ k /k_h/ dzs /dZ/ b /b/ p /p/ sh /S/ y /j/ ty /t_j/ x /ks/ {mostly for borrowed words except xit "foot"} w /v/ f /f/ (ch /tS/) m /m/ r /r/ h /h/ n /n/ l /l/ ny /J/ (lh /l`/) The consonants in parentheses are disappeared form LW during its evolution but they still have signs for them. _CONSONANT CLUSTERS_ LW uses a limited number of consonant clusters. They are: mb, nd, ng, mbw, ndw, ngw, nt, nq, ntw, nqw, rd, ld, rt, lt, dw, gw, bw, yw, mw, nw, nyw, tw, qw, rw, lw,sw, shw, hw, wy, my, ry, ly, sf, lq, lqw _SYLLABE PATTERN_ At the beginning of a word, it can be (C)(w)V. Inside words we can have (C)(C)(w)V. At the end of a word, (C)(C)(w)V(C). Of course only those consonants can be put together whisch form a valid consonant cluster. Otherwise an attaching vowel comes between the two consonants. (In words with front vowels are in the majority, that's i or e, otherwise o or a [it depends on whether the attaching vowel is binding two nouns to one or an ending to the root etc.]) -- Mau Ábrahám Zsófia alias Mau Rauszer | |


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