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Re: CHAT: the surprise that is at me...

From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Saturday, February 26, 2000, 5:13
One _possible_ reason why there hasn't been a response is that
you've sent an attachment. Unsolicited attachments are generally
considered nonos, as they _may_ contain viruses (and indeed, we
did have a virus on list a short while ago). Also, we don't all
have the capability to simply open it directly from our mail
boxes. I'd have to do it from work, where the file can be
transferred from this unix machine to a dos machine with M$ Word
on it. I still have your original message in my box, as of yet
unopened, as I have quite forgotten about it til now. I'll try
to look into it Monday. I guess the long and short of it is this:
please append cut-n-paste sections to a regular email message in
future. If it looks interesting, it'll get read right away.


On Fri, 25 Feb 2000, B Elliott Walker wrote:

>well, i have to say that i'm surprised with the lack of response over my >'obscene linguistics' post... quite strange. to flatter myself, i'm going to >attach the RTF file to this message in hopes that someone will respond to it >on-list. > > > >---------------------------------------------- >pâtakimwukêc atimwêšup apiyêšupim ecanukwûpôk? > >replyto: >---------------------------------------------- >