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taciturnity (was Re: Tacitunity (was: Re: conculture list?))

From:Raymond A. Brown <raybrown@...>
Date:Friday, February 12, 1999, 7:39
At 1:36 pm -0800 11/2/99, Peter Clark wrote:
>---"Raymond A. Brown" <raybrown@...> wrote: >> >> At 12:56 pm -0500 11/2/99, Tony Harris wrote: >> > >> >"taciturnity" ? Is that really a word? ;-) >> >> Yes, according to Chambers English dictionary (ISBN 1-85296-001-9) > > That's beside the point. I motion we censure Tony for daring to ask >(on CONLANG, of all places!) if a word is really a word. For shame!
Indeed :)
> Just kidding, Tony! I couldn't pass up on the irony of it all. >(After all, think of Net English...)
Actually, further investigation showed the word has definitely been around in one shape or form for more than 2000 years! As far as I can discover the first instance of "tacitunitas" (gen. "tacitunitatis") occurs in the writings of Cicero in the 1st cent. BC. It is well attested thoughout the Classical Latin period and, I guess, has continued to live on in learned circles ever since. But 'tacitunity' in the Subject heading of the mail is only a day old AFAIK :) Ray.