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Ordering of case names

From:Isaac A. Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 11, 2002, 16:59
Jan van Steenbergen cazdy:

> Like Philip, I learnt to inflect both Greek and German cases in N G
D A order.
> The same order was also applied in Polish, expanded to N G D A I L.
> vocative is usually omitted from such schemes and handled
separately, but when
> it is there, it usually comes either last or immediately after the
nominative. In Russian and Ukrainian we use the same ordering N G D A I L (V). I recollect a mnemonic verse in Russian to remember this ordering: Ivan rodil devchonku, velel tashchit' peljonku "John gave birth to a girl (and) commanded to bring swaddling clothes" The first letters of each word stand for abbreviations of Russian cases: I. - Imenitel'nyj - N; R. - Roditel'nyj - G; D. - Datel'nyj - D.; V. - Vinitel'nyj - A.; T. - Tvoritel'nyj - I.; P. - Predlozhnyj - L. (or lit. "Prepositional", since in Ru. and Uk. it is used only in combination with certain prepositions). Strange as it may be, but my Czech textbooks give a different ordering for Cz. (though it's a Slavic lang too): N G D A V L I, and they are called respectively "prvni pad" (first case), "druhy pad"(second case) etc. Sowjmekte (=with love), Yitzik ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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