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OT: Direxia (< Hello! - introduction)

Date:Thursday, September 14, 2006, 20:54
li [Larry Sulky] mi tulis la

> On 9/14/06, Santiago Matías Feldman <iskun20@...> wrote: > ---SNIP--- > > And I said that my new conlangs are meant to be set in > > Western Europe but what I meant was Eastern Europe! > > This last slip of the pen (of the keyboard?) is > > because I always associate East with oceans and West > > with land and mountains (which is the pattern from my > > point of view on the Southwestern coast of South > > America). > > LOL! I did the same thing after moving to the east coast of North > America after having grown up on the west coast. I was always > following and giving directions the wrong way around. It took me years > to adjust! ---larry
I did the same thing. I was always used to having the coast on the West, then moved to the East coast and got North and South confused whenever I was using the beach as a reference point. The other one was having sunrises instead of sunsets. I don't have those problems now because the roads here all are winding and could end up going any direction so I just put a compass in the car.