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Re: About the Gaelic-L thing

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Sunday, July 7, 2002, 23:00
>So Irish speakers feel oppressed by English, but OTOH the English >speaking majority >probably feel oppressed by the state's sometimes ham-fisted attempts to >foist Irish >on them, notably (until quite recently) compulsory Irish in school, and >the need for >Irish qualifications in the Civil Service etc.Just what do you do when a >nation's >"First Official Language" is the everyday medium of only a tiny minority >and the >majority are happy with the language of their former colonial masters? >Are there >parallels elsewhere, in parts of the former USSR perhaps?
A friend of mine who is an American, but works in Ireland, says from her observations that a lot of Irish really resented having to learn Irish in School, and according to her did everything they could to forget it once they were out of school. __________________________ Communication is not just words, communication is...architecture because of course it is quite obvious that the house that would be built without that desire, that desire to communicate, would not look as your house does today.