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Grandsire's Fluency wish-list

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Friday, April 21, 2000, 15:04
In a message dated 2000/04/21 01:00:15 PM, Grandsire wrote:

>... Dutch: The main reason has nothing to do with language curiosity. ...
But it is >also a beautiful language, very expressive and poetic. The ugly German cannot >stand in front of it.
my favourite Dutch word is _kraakdoos_ <<"crackle-box">>the name of a custom-made synthesizer (music) that is controlled via body's bio-electric resistances. Talk of hands-on sound-tweaking!!! BTW outta curiousity: how do other linguas say "toy piano"? hehe...
>4. English: I am _nearly_ fluent in English, but I still lack understanding.
I nearly >cannot follow anyone talking on BBCTV. On the other hand, I have less troubles >with American movies and series. But I still need lots of training.
LOL (Laughing Out Loud)... easier to understand Americanish? I dunno what that says about the American mutation of English, but it's amusing in its implications.
>5. Lots of other languages. I can think of Arabic, Basque, Mandarin, Bahasa >Indonesia, Swahili, Tibetan, Quechua, Finnish, Russian, Turkish, Modern >Greek, Gaelic, Hawaiian, Hindi and so on... Well, I think I'll never have >enough time to learn all those languages, but let's dream :) . >
Bahasa Indonesia is another very poetically lush language. I like the simple grammar of everyday Bahasa & the way non-numerical pluralization is done simply by repeating a word twice (it probably cuts down on verbal confusion but printing must cut down more trees). I am learning more Bahasa Indonesia in-depth after I finish creating Synthrax, my conlang.
>CONLANGS: > >1. Chasmäöcho and Moten: the first because it's supposed to be my personal >language, so I should be fluent in it, the second because it's my cherished >child, the creation of mine I prefer, and the only language of mine with a >fair lexicon (around 600 words if I remember correctly :) ). >
Allo Chris., I am intrigued by the 600+/- lexicon :) It may be helpful to my conlang Synthrax. Email me, please...
>4. Quenya and Sindarin: the languages of the master of us all should be >learned in school (at least as options :) ). >
Sindarin? What's that? Looks like a rhyme with Mandarin. MORE info. pretty please. thanX zHANg, lingua-Verfremdungseffektor