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Re: OT: My reformed X-Sampa (was OT: [Q] is a vowel?! (was Re: Articulatory phonetics (was Re: THEORY: unergative)))

From:Peter Bleackley <peter.bleackley@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 24, 2004, 9:36
Staving Trebor Jung:

>Vowels > >rounded, unrounded > >(close) >front >i, i& >central >i@, i&@ >back >i$, i&$ >(between close and close-mid) >front >I, I& >back rounded >I&$ >(close-mid) >front >e, e& >central >e@, e&@ >back >e$, e&$ >(central unrounded) >Y >(open-mid) >front >o, o& >central >o@, o&@ >back >o$, o&$ >(between open-mid and open) >front unrounded >O& >central unrounded >O&@ >(open) >front >y, y& >back >y$, y&$ > >Note: (e.g.) Jung /d~.g/ represents XS /ng/ (as opposed to XS /N/). >
Meþinks ðou art attempting a featural code, especially for the vowels. Ðou mightst find my (not entirely serious) attempt at a featural code amusing. Ðis was later named stribography (or, to use ðe correct spelling, htwvitbveuotkvwvahfi), from ðe Greek for "twisted writing". Pete