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Re: YYMMDD (was: Re: Laadan)

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Sunday, December 15, 2002, 19:44
En réponse à "Isaac A. Penzev" <isaacp@...>:

> > Noted. Do you mean the day's number, or the day of the week? >
The day of the week. I don't know about the day's number, especially since numbers in Arabic are quite a strange beast to me :(( .
> > ::disappointment:: > Still, thank you for cooperation. >
You're welcome.
> > Sorry, but that's WRONG!!! > Arabic *numbers* are written the same way we do: from left to right.
Yep, because in right-to-left order they are written in the order units-tens- hundreds-thousands-... etc... corresponding to the way numbers are spoken in Arabic :))) .
> Arabic *numerals* afaik show the general Semitic pattern: > if they consist of tens and ones, ones come first, and then tens. > All other numerals go as they are. >
In Classical Arabic at least, the order is definitely units-tens-hundreds- thousands, i.e. the hundreds and the thousands are *after* the units and tens, i.e. the exact reverse order as English and French. Christophe. Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.