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IPA for the Vowel in "good"

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Thursday, July 26, 2001, 6:19
    Now, I know there was a dicussion started on this awhile back (started,
in part, by me) about how the vowel in "good" for some/most Southern
Californian English speakers was not the same as the vowel in "put".  "Put"
has the normal /U/ (high, back, rounded, lax), but "good" has /U</, or the
unrounded version of the same vowel (therein lies the same relationship as
/I/ to /Y/).  The thing is, I don't know the IPA symbol for this vowel.  I've
scoured the net, and every single chart I find has the /I/ and /Y/ symbols,
then the /U/ symbol but not its counterpart.  It's as if they think this
vowel doesn't occur in the world's languages, or something!  Anyway, if
somebody could point me to somewhere where I could find the symbol for that
vowel, or, barring that, could describe it, I would greatly appreciate it.



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