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Re: Lord's Prayer in Enaselvai

From:Jonathan Lipps <conlang@...>
Date:Saturday, February 21, 2004, 10:27

I guess the familiarity might be the result of using a simple and (dare I
say) fairly standard phonology, and then letting my whims and intuitions
dictate the lexicon, since no doubt I'll primarily come up with things I've

And I like your Philosophy of the List, by the way. Of course "pretending
[I'm] not interested" doesn't usually have the desired "attractive" effect,
for me, with the ladies, unfortunately, so maybe I'll have to think of a
better analogy! Haha.


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Well, I thought of Greek because of words like
agedeimae (and endings like in Dreas), of Lituanian
because of the general external aspect of most words,
of African languages because of words like emwe, but
there is probably also some Latin in it (simil), some
words look like Aramean (nectandrani  at least thats
my own idea of Aramean), other like Turkish (aivet),
other like Esperanto (regevato), some like Finnish
(silnova), some like Gaelic (Eara), some like
Hungarian (ornem) and I probably missed a lot of them.
Thats why I say that the language looks rather
familiar (also the fact that there are no cases), even
if I couldnt guess any word meaning without the

Dont worry if you dont get your own messages back
after sending them. Generally they will come after a
while. Usually I go for a cup of coffee or to the
toilets, and when I come back, how nice ! there they
are. They are like ladies, you shouldnt show them to
offently that you are expecting them. Just pretend
youre not interested, and they will come.