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Re: Spanish /rr/ (was Re: IPA / SAMPA question)

From:Rob Nierse <rnierse@...>
Date:Monday, January 20, 2003, 8:49
Roger wrote:

>>There is, of course, some dialectal variation, i.e. mountain dialects in >>Ecuador and Southern Colombia (Peru?), pronounce /rr/ as [Z] or [z`].
>Interesting!! And anywhere else, do you know?? Any idea how it originated??
It originated with Quechua speakers being unable to pronounce the trilled /rr/. The interesting thing is that they do it with Spaninsh loans ('rr' and word initial 'r') and with word- (or even root-)final 'r', e.g. 'yawar' "blood" ['yawar\'].
>That pronunciation also occurs in some provincial areas of Argentina; e.g. >in Tucumán I was told I could change money at [la'kasa 'ZeZes] and was >completely flummoxed until the lady pointed down the street to a sign, >REYES. At cabarets etc. in Buenos Aires, comedians made fun of it. Arg. >linguist-friends claimed it's not the same as the [Z] = |y, ll|, but has >still some kind of rhotic quality (maybe more retroflexed)-- they cited >Czech r-hacek as comparable. Anyhow, I couldn't produce the sound to their >satisfaction.
They pronounce it retroflex, to my ears almost like in Chinese 'ren' and is indeed distinctive from [Z]. So I would transcribe the above to [la'kasa 'r\'eZes]. Rob