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Un-deciphered writings (was Re: eestaak writing)

From:Diana Slattery <slattd@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 18, 2002, 18:28
Looking at this writing system reminded me of a back-burner project I've had
of collecting examples of writing systems that exist on Planet Earth that
have never been deciphered.  The mention of linear B reminded me of linear
A.  Also high on the list is the Phaistos disk (Crete) and the Voynich
manuscript.  Does any one else have some favorite historical examples?

Theory (might work for Voynich) :  it was an early conlang, perhaps for use
by one or two.

 Diana Slattery

On 12/18/02 8:49 AM, "bnathyuw" <bnathyuw@...> wrote:

> ok, i promised a while ago that i would post some > pictures for eestaak writing. > > you'll find a short string of symbols at : > >


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