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Re: What's happened to FrathWiki?

From:Michael Potter <mhpotter@...>
Date:Saturday, August 18, 2007, 2:06
Dirk Elzinga wrote:
> Hey. > > I am in the process of adding/editing my Shemspreg pages on > FrathWiki, but it seems to be down. Does anybody know what's going > on? I don't have Muke's email address, so I can't email him directly > (perhaps he's lurking here ...). Anybody know anything? > > Thanks. > > Dirk >
It's working now, but in case anyone wanted to know: FrathWiki (really, all of is apparently hosted by Dreamhost. A lot of Dreamhost sites have had some sort of outage the past couple of days because of a DNS problem at their datacenter. I've been hit by it, too. Even the DH system status blog was affected. But they're saying that they've found the problem and fixed it, so everything should be OK now. If anybody wants the gory details, the now-working DH status blog has them here: (I hope that was actually the problem, because I'd look silly if it wasn't. :p ) -- Michael Potter 2007 - Year of Suvile: