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subconscious sound preferences

From:J. Barefoot <lesfraises@...>
Date:Sunday, December 27, 1998, 23:03
I just noticed something. Some sounds just seem to jive with certain
meanings. I mean, I know this is obvious to all of us; we wouldn't be on
this list otherwise, but I've noticed it a subconcious level. To me, "k"
is negative, "-m" is "-er", "t" is "present tense", "ngi" means "you",
"s" is dative, and "pan" is "male". I find myself reproducing these
forms in sketch after sketch, and not realizing what I'm doing. I'm
curious to know if any of you have hit on the "perfect forms" in your
own preference, that perhaps you reproduce subconsciously; if you've
discovered the sounds that whisper to you irresistably "this is what I

I'm sorry, it really sounds like a stupid question.

J. Barefoot

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