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Re[2]: Religion-Names in Conlangs. Or At Least in Mine. :)

From:lucasso <lucasso@...>
Date:Sunday, December 27, 1998, 14:58
>> buddhism: how do you pronounce "buddha" in it's original language? do >> buddhists call themselves the equivalent of "buddh-ists" in the original >> language? is there an original language of buddhism? (you can see i >> don't know that much about buddhism)
EC> Buddhism originated out of Hinduism, thus its original language was EC> Sanskrit. I believe Pali is also important in Buddhism. I'm not sure EC> how to say "Buddhist" or "Buddhism" in Sanskrit, but "Buddha" is a EC> Sanskrit word meaning "enlightened" and pronounced /'bud.d_ha/. AFAIK & AFAIR (i've seen/heard/read) it's something like 'awakened' EC> Actually, I'm thinking the declined noun would have been *Buddhah.* EC> /'bud.d_hah/, where 'h.' is an h with a dot under it. I don't THINK EC> the a is long, but I'm not sure. Anyone else?
>> shinto: (same)
EC> Japanese. I believe it means "the way of the kami [nature spirits or EC> gods]." Roughly /'Sin.tou/. sound correct... -- lucasso (