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CHAT: new names (was: Re: Bopomofo and pinyin)

From:Matt Pearson <jmpearson@...>
Date:Friday, January 21, 2000, 18:45
> Oh I get it now, that's my "Chinese" name, right? Actually, when I was >translating, it was 'Mo4 ke4lin2'. I'm the Aelya guy Clinton >Moreland-Stringham. My husband and I just got tired of 17 letters in our last >name, and we both HATE those first names, so we're getting them legally >changed (me to Aidan Michael Grey, him to J. Brent Grey). >But now I wonder what cool meaning I can give my new name (my old one was >rather lame - 'inky border of the forest' or something).
I like "inky border of the forest"! It's a lot better than *my* Chinese name, Pi Risheng, which means "leather sunrise". Of course, nobody can beat Richard Nixon, whose Chinese name means "mud overcoming the forest". So why did you choose the name "Grey"? Is there an Aelya equivalent as well? If you were to translate "Grey" into Tokana, you'd have to choose between "Hiem" (pronounced /hjEm/) and "Hemak". "Hiem" means "light bluish grey", while "hemak" means "dark/ashen grey". Matt.