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Re: OT currency (was Re: Quoting styles (was Re: Antipassive?))

From:Mark J. Reed <markjreed@...>
Date:Thursday, May 29, 2008, 12:14
There's been a movement afoot over here for years to abolish the
penny.  I think the nickel is now in the same category (more expensive
than itself to mint).  So I agree,  both should go. Then we could just
drop the last digit of prices, if not for those pesky quarters.  So
get rid of them, too! Dimes, 50-cent-pieces (a new design that's not
so frickin huge, plz; maybe nickel-sized), dollars. With no quarter
the dollar coin has nothing to be confused with.....

On 5/29/08, Peter Collier <petecollier@...> wrote:
> --- Keith Bertelsen <conlang@...> wrote: > >> > A friend, who collects currency, explained to me >> that the purpose >> > for varisized currency is so that blind people can >> tell denominations >> > apart by touch. >> >> I always thought that it was the >> cash-register-manufacturers lobby, myself. After >> all, changing the sizes of currency would require >> all the cash registers to buy new bill-holding >> trays. > > > Not so my friend, the trays are all the same size > here, even though the notes differentiate by size (and > colour). > > You have heard the story about Isaac Newton, and his > cat flap(s), I presume? > > > >> Personally, since I use a money clip, I much prefer >> my bills to all be the same size (so they align >> better). Different colors to make them easier to >> distinguish would be a great idea, but I'm usually >> close enough to tell the faces/numbers apart >> anyways. >> >> Coins, however, I like to be different sizes; then >> again, I'm far more likely to try to pick out coins >> without looking than I am bills. This is also why I >> (and a lot of people) don't particularly care for >> the new dollar coins: they're too close to quarters >> to reliably distinguish them by touch. > > > I've never had a problem in my frequent trips right of > pond - diffent diameter, different depth, different > colour, smooth edge versus milled, different picture. > I can easily separate them without looking (not that I > get the $1 coins that often...). I really struggle to > comprehend the locals' problems with it. Then again, > the UK's small change is coin based, whereas the US's > is note based. I really struggle with the concept of > having to fish out a couple of bank notes even to pay > for a newspaper. I think the reason so many people > reject the coins over there is that they are of no > practical value. If the coin/note boundary was > similar to many other places, you'd lose the penny and > nickel, you'd have regularly circulating coins for 50c > $1, $2 and $5, and your smallest bill would be the > $10. If you only have 4 coins, 2 of which are > effectively valueless individually, and of the other 2 > the lower value one is as small as a shirt button, and > the higher value one is still of such low value you'd > think twice about looking for it if you dropped it and > it rolled away - you can easily see why the notes > would be preferred! > > > P >
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