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Re: Yasaro phonology

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Sunday, June 27, 2004, 8:27
Quoting Herman Miller <hmiller@...>:

> Here's the basic phoneme inventory: > > bilab. dent. alv. retro. palat. velar vowels > p th t c k i iñ u > m nh n nj ng e eñ o > v s r j x a > l > > A couple of odd things about this: /s/ and /x/ (in stressed syllables) > are voiceless while the other fricatives are voiced. Probably /l/ is > derived from (or merged with) /D/; is that a reasonable sound change? As > usual in Zireen languages, /r/ represents [z`]; if there were retroflex > stops or nasals they must have merged with other sounds. Would it be > more likely for retroflex sounds to merge with alveolar or palatal? Is > it strange to have [z`] as the only retroflex sound in the language?
FWIW, in much of southern Sweden, retroflex sounds have merged with dentals. Eg, _sport_ [spOt`] becomes homophonous with _spott_ [spOt_d]. Andreas