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Problems with Ayeri

From:Carsten Becker <post@...>
Date:Sunday, June 27, 2004, 12:17

What disturbs me a little from time to time is that this language has
run away over the time changing to something Quenya-like sounding. Ayeri
has become too flowing, and has less m's, n's and ng's and more l's, y's
and r's than I actually wanted. I don't know whether to change this or
not, because like Ayeri is at the moment, it sounds nice for me either.
I'd suggest:

   c        =>   k
   s        =>   /s/ everywhere

   -in      =>   -pan
   -on      =>   -gon
   -aris    =>   -sung
   sira     =>   misung
   -lei     =>   -nan
   le       =>   ney

   -yam     =>   -yang
   -eri     =>   -men
   -ea      =>   -tea

   -oi      =>   -nggo
   -ie/ye   =>   -me
   -aril    =>   -ril

   -eva     =>   -da
   -va      =>   -tan
   -iyV     =>   -kVm
   iyVn     =>   -kVng
   -ayn     =>   -yun
   -ein     =>   -ying

   * more consonant clusters allowed (e.g. -pn-), but only inside words.
   * words may also end in /p, t, k/ (written b, d, g)
   * more assimilation (e.g. m + n = mm; p + m = mm, t + n = nn, k + ng
= nngg /N:g/)
   * no vowel contraction: á => aa
   * /Ng/   =>   ngg
   * some words change, e.g. caivo => kanyo
   * "Tay" is always put before names. This is kind of a definite
article.   ???

It would be very difficult, though, to justify these changes with sound
changes. But I wouldn't like to have an A and B variant with the same
grammar but different words either.

-- Carsten


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