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Re: p^ho'nemIts) 'englIS

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Thursday, June 24, 2004, 14:42
Quoting Nik Taylor <yonjuuni@...>:

> "Mark J. Reed" wrote: > > Trebor: I hope you realize that I wasn't making a serious suggestion, > > just describing a fun way to pronounce English. Put another way:` > > > > <leghorn>It was a joke, I say, a joke, son.</leghorn> > > :-) I once, jokingly, thought of an conlang that came from English as > spoken by people who only saw the written form, and just guessed at the > pronunciations. :-)
Very early in my conlanging career, I made some work on a fictional auxlangized future English, in which most vowels were "restored" to more usual Latin values. The one word I remember offhand is _federashen_ "federation", pronounced [fEdE'raS@n]. Don't ask why the 'o' is left reduced ... Andreas PS, strictly speaking, that 'sh' should be an esh; the orthograph used theta, eth, esh, ezh and eng in addition to the usual Latin letters. I even invented uppercase versions of the three later.