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Re: The Ring Thing (was: Digest of messages 36.53-36.58 (fwd))

From:Ajin-Kwai <wpii@...>
Date:Saturday, August 26, 2000, 19:28
> >> > > >> > Three rings for the elven kings under the sky > >> > Seven for the dwarf lords in their halls of stone > >> > Nine for mortal men doomed to die > >> > One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne > >> > in the land of Mordor where the shadows lie > >> > > >> > One ring to rule them all, one ring to to find them > >> > One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them > >> > in the land of Mordor where the shadows lie >
draqa behi- dan laqiba i laqid'ehtal jehnparwa.yusiahanfankao okujukkwai i laqihiatal jehnparwa.yuboxboxkao okupiacmosbion i laqibetal jehnhana okuiamtrwa cweo okuiamwiiwa i laqifal jehnakehpeaparwa oakehciwina hrmorlorlan yucipeapahwa: i laqibafal doi poijakfiamaki i laqibafal doi taiacfiamaki i laqibafal doi d'acufiamaki kwmaskweh sweherheipoijak a'o hrmorlorlan yucipeapahwa: ---------------------------------------------------- dan laqi -ba [REF:with regards to] Ring [SPEC:this/that/the] About The Ring i laqi -d'eh -tal [ACT:non-definite reality] Ring Three [MEAS:count] (There Are) Three Rings -jehn- parwa -yu- siahan -fan -kao [REF:beneficiary] Ruler [REF:attribute] Deer [DRV:similiarity] [SMN:tribe] For Ruler Of Deer-Like People -o- ku- juk -kwai [REF:correlative] [CLASS:type] Ground [PRON:general] Who (Are) People Of The Earth i laqi -hia -tal [ACT:non-def.] Ring Seven [MEAS:count] (There Are) Seven Rings -jehn- parwa -yu- box box -kao [REF:beneficiary] Ruler [REF:attribute] Short Short [SMN:tribe] For Ruler Of Short-Short-People -o- ku- piac -mos- -bion [REF:correlative] [CLASS:type] Building [REF:composed of] [SMN:stone] Who (Are) People Of Stone Buildings i laqi -be -tal -jehn- hana [ACT:non-def.] Ring Nine [MEAS:count] [REF:beneficiary] Human (There Are) Nine Rings For Humans -o- ku- iam- trwa [REF:correlative] [CLASS:type] [DRV:approaching a state] [SMN:of sudden conclusion] Who (Are)(Those) Who Die Suddenly cweo o- ku- iam- wiiwa [CONJ:together with] [REF:correlative] [CLASS:type] [DRV:approaching a state] [SMN:of gradual conclusion] And (Those) Who Die Gradually i laqi -fal -jehn- akeh- peaparwa [ACT:non-def.] Ring [MEAS:one count] [REF:beneficiary] [CLASS:animate] Evil Ruler (*on-the-fly coining: peapahwa (Evil) + parwa (Ruler) = peaparwa) (There Is) One Ring For The Evil Ruler-Person -o- akeh- ci- wina [REF:correlative] [CLASS:animate] [SMN:black] Influence Who (Is) Of Mysterious Influence *black symbolizes mystery, not evil hr- morlor -lan -yu- ci- peapahwa: [LOC:at] Mordor [SMN:place/home] [REF:attribute] [SMN:black] Evil In The Place Of Mordor, (Which Is) Of Mysterious Evil *shadow would not make sense here culturally. i laqi -ba -fal [ACT:nondef.] Ring [SPEC:this/that/the] [MEAS:one count] (There Is) That One Ring doi poijak fia- -maki [CONJ:because:purpose] Oppress/Bother/Interfere [PAUC:all] [PRON:3rd non-specific] In Order To (Achieve) All Of Them's Oppression doi taiac fia- -maki [CONJ:because:purpose] Seek/Find/Discover [PAUC:all] [PRON:3rd non-spec.] In Order To (Achieve) All of Them's Discovery doi d'acu fia- -maki [CONJ:because:purpose] Catch [PAUC:all] [PRON:3rd non-spec.] In Order To (Achieve) All of Them's Catching kwmaskweh sweher- hei- poijak -a'o [CONJ:and then] [INT:very][DRV:acting according to its nature] Oppress [VOL:intended:negative] And Then Very Much Do Oppression-Doing On Purpose With Negative Intent a liu liu, .yasmin.