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Native Grammatical terms

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Saturday, November 6, 1999, 18:12
Hey, do y'all have "native" grammatical terms in your conlangs?  That
is, have you worked out how the speakers of your conlangs would describe
their language?

I've worked out a few terms:

Noun: wakatu'u (name)
Gender: wani'isa (clan)
Morpheme: walaasaga' < laa- (unit of) + saga' (word)
Phoneme: walaanaatima' < laa- (unit of) + naatima' (sound)
Allophone: walika'n walaanaatima'f (Child of the Phoneme)
Syllable: wapatinaatima' <pati- (collective)
Vowel: wanani' wapatinaatima'f (Mother of the Syllable)
Consonant: walika'n wapatinaatima'f (Child of the Syllable)
Case: Pipifdu' (shape)
Absolutive: Pipifduta' (First Shape)
Ergative: Pipifdunlasu' (Causer-Shape)
Genetive: Pipifdunya'vvi (Owner-Shape)
Dative: Pipifdunaplabi' (Shape of One Who Is Given Something)
Benefactive: Pipifdunla'ssi (Shape of the Cause)
Instrumental: Pipifdudlatassa' (User-Shape)
Commitative: Pipifdunla'ana (Friend-Shape)
The other cases are referred to by names like pipifdubla'v (The -v

Also, tentatively, I have:
Gender 1 (Rational female) = wani'isa-twita' (woman-clan)
Gender 2 (Rational male) = wani'isa-nlaku's (man-clan)
Gender 3 (Rational epicene) = wani'isa-sutaki' (person-clan)
Gender 4 (Domestic animal) = wani'isa-kizunakla'i (pet-clan)
Gender 5 (Wild animal) = wani'isa-lanakla'i (animal-clan)
Gender 6 (Other animate) = wani'isa-wasaga' (word-clan)
Gender 7 (Inanimate) = wani'isa-piblala' (thing-clan)

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