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Informants, Issytra, The Gospel of Bastet

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Thursday, March 13, 2003, 20:24
OOh, I didn't see this original post!

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> Emaelivpar HS Teoh: > >As my informant explains to me... > > T'emaelivpaer Elyse Grasso: > >My chief informant's name is Nitodthii... > > Vek'pachú emaelivpar Fabian: > >btw, my informant tells me that Demuan actually has... > > T'vopar Boudewijn Rempt: > >why did your Kernu informant translate > > T'vopaer Kristian Jensen: > >Now all I need to do is ask my Boreanesian informant! > > T'vopah Jennifer: > >I think I'll go to bed and have a nice long chat with my informant.
> What this all boils down to is many of you have informants, and I want one > too. :P Seriously(?) though, does people have other, erm, "methods" of > learning/discovering their conlangs, besides the informant-route?
Issytra (not the goddess, but an elderly scholar named for the goddess) is my "amanuensis"; she does all my "translating" for me in Conlang Relay Games. Therefore if she gets something wrong, I can blame it on her. <G> Arais Aijjy is my seventeenth century commentator, who comments on the old pagan holy books in Teonaht. I've been meaning for a while to get my list of gods up for you... promised years ago, but tempus fuit. As for my old signature, "Niffodyr twelyenrem lis teuim an," that comes from "The Gospel of Bastet," a section of which I've got up on this page: I don't know if I ever called attention to this. I've been slowly working on a list of the other gods and some of their stories. Which is why when I first met up with Paul Burgess, I told him he HAD to join Conlang!!
> I think > I've seen people mention discovering historical documents and thus
> conlang/conculture that way. Any other means?
David "The Grey Wizard" Bell speaks of himself as a kind of anthropologist/linguist who has uncovered the language of Amman-Iar on the basis of some old manuscripts he found in Amman. Sally Niffodyr tweluenrem lis teuim himo an. "Even the gods have retractible claws." From the Gospel of Bastet


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