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OFF: Re: I'm back!

From:Pablo David Flores <pablo-flores@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 9, 2002, 2:25
Just replying to everyone:

I'm fine and my family's fine and we had nothing to do
with those awful images of riots you may have seen in a
news flash (though one of the first attempts at supermarket
looting, if not the first, happened in my very same block).

My job: it's not new actually; I'd just gotten it when I
left the list (in fact I left the list because I didn't have
time for it and my job AND my studies). I work in a public
hospital, booking turns, answering phones and transcribing
tomography and conventional radiology medical reports (boy
you need vocabulary for that). The situation is not good
right now since there are almost no supplies left -- almost
everything is imported and Argentina has not only defaulted
on its debt (thus closing most international trade) but also
devalued its currency, so laboratories and x-ray film makers
refuse to let go of their stock until the situation and
the final value of the US dollar have settled.

My net connection is just fine, though slow, and I was thinking
of getting ADSL... but I can't pay for it until the hospital
pays me, and that ain't gonna happen sooner than a couple of

My conlangs are fine, thanks, and I still get a lot of visitors
in my site (I see two people that came to this list following my
advice :). I haven't done anything of worth about conlanging,
really, but I may have some more time now.

Boudewijn, it's a pleasure hearing from you again, and congratulations
on your novel. You may be interested to know that I've been working
in Python myself, not really for serious stuff, but getting some
good results processing large volumes of HTML and plain text.

Sally, Taliesin, Clint, and everyone: it's good to be again in
such good company. I'll make sure you all hear from me!

--Pablo Flores
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