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Re: I'm back...

From:Trebor Jung <treborjung@...>
Date:Monday, July 12, 2004, 17:03
Carsten wrote: "Umm ... Welcome back?! Do I get you right, Etak was one of
your carers there? Anyway, welcome back."

Thanks! Yes, that's right, Etak was one of my counselors ("carer"... hmm.
What would be interesting would be a study of English spoken by non-L1
Anglophones, and basing a conlang on those dialects).

Me and Etak began creating a crazy conlang, with a phonemic inventory
including retroflexes, aspirates, ejectives, implosives, a phonemic uvular
nasal, palatalization, and other goodies - but no labials or labiodentals,
thus no labialization! (This labiallessness was inspired by Etak's
experience of having eight teeth removed, so she couldn't pronounce
labials.) The vocalic inventory we came up with was, IIRC: /i I e E a 7 V
M/. Later, I thought of this: /i E 7 7_c 7~ A (= [@]/.


This language is by no means meant to be naturalistic ;)