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Universal Measures

From:Carlos Thompson <cthompso@...>
Date:Friday, October 2, 1998, 20:34
Lets take a well defined radiation period of one element, probably hydrogen,
and the lenght light travels in that period in vacuum, those would be our
basic measures of both time and lengh: an hydrogen time, and a light
hydrogen time.

Let use base two for derivatives.  If we wouldn't have ten fingers we
wouldn't use base ten.  As we take basic derivatives for thousans, the new
basic derivatives would be powers of 2^8.

Velocity, speed and acceleration would be derived from this hydrogen time
and light hydrogen time.

Mass would be derived from a proton mass and electric load from the electron

Now we can derive our light-hydrogen universal measures for force,
energy/work, power (counting mass), and current, electrical potential, etc.

The problem is such measures (but probaly lenght) would be to small for
humans, (a proton mass is 1/6.02x10^23 g so our body masses would be around
2^95 proton masses.

Any sugestions?