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Re: Male and female animals

From:BP Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 29, 2002, 10:31
At 20:42 27.10.2002 -0500, Herman Miller wrote:

>On the other hand, it might be interesting to do without specific words >entirely, even for humans! So "woman" would be "she-human" (urvi^va) and >"buck" would be "he-deer" (mi^vo.^sa).
Icelandic has something like these. The etymological equivalent of English _man_ is _maður_, which in modern Icelandic usually means 'human', while the usual word for 'man' is _karl_ [k_hat_l], and 'woman' is _kona_. Then there are also _karlmaður_ 'male human, male person' and _kvenmaður_ 'female human/person', which are in rather frequent use. / B.Philip Jonsson B^)> -- (delete X!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No man forgets his original trade: the rights of nations and of kings sink into questions of grammar, if grammarians discuss them. -Dr. Samuel Johnson (1707 - 1784)