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Re: [PEER REVIEW] Mutations and sound changes (longish)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, October 31, 2002, 5:12
Peter Clark wrote:
> Ok, let's try: >Nasal: >p_h -> b * >p -> b >b -> m * >t_h -> d * >t -> d >d -> n * >
et sim. I'm jumping in at random, so may not be germane, and I suspect you understand that these changes must be ordered (if they're historical)-- 1. [vd.stops] > nasal 2. [vl. stops] > [voiced] Otherwise, of course, ph/p/b etc. would all end up as /m/. OTOH if these are mutations, à la Celtic, it's probably OK, but what is(are) the conditioning environment(s)? I don't recall reading about that in previous posts.. From a previous post: ---CG---
> n -> d > J -> J\ > N -> g > p\ -> p > B -> b > s -> t > z -> d > C -> c > j\ -> J\ > x -> k > G -> g
It's a kind of hardening then? IMHO it fits well with the behaviour of the stops, even if it would be difficult to explain it :))) . --- (PC) Or something. Does anyone know what conditions would lead to hardening? There's got to be some process that could be responsible. :)> (Moi) Probably clustering of some sort; my choice would be juncture of like with like, with gemination, if that fits within your system: n-n (>n: > nd) > d, G-G (> G: > gG?) > g. (In fact, something similar can happen in Kash compounds e.g. /...-tap - xo-.../ > / ...tako.../ though it's no longer a very productive rule). In general I agree with Christophe (if I've read him aright), that the various systems don't have to be totally consistent; there could be sounds that are exempt, there could be systems that intersect and merge partly or wholly, analogy can go to work etc etc. And another thing (culled at random):
>All I need to do is
figure out how lenition would affect /w r\ j/, if at all. Suggestions?> Good candidates for labialization, retroflexion, palatalization, if that appeals to you. Or perhaps, /w/ vocalizes, /r\, j/ merge > /j/ . Or, they might all just > 0 (or /h/ would be fun too). I'm trying to get into the Spirit of Maggelity, but it's contra naturam meam. (Perhaps even contra naturam.....grrr :-)))))))))


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