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Re: Delurking...

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 2:34

John Vertical <johnvertical@...> writes:
>... > original language, some of them have become quite mangled (eg 97: b'rk'li > /b=.r`=k.'lI/, 106 sieboaRgi /siI.'boOR\.G\I/).
Could you give the phonotactics of that language? Looks like fun.
> >Though many people here are linguists, many others are not. :-) Any > >many don't have concultures (e.g., me). :-) > > Well, I guess so... but from what I've read so far, it seemed to me > that it was unusual to be both.
Hmm, no, not at all, I think.
> OK, maybe I've stared too much at the few "finished" ones, then.
Right, there are very few 'finished' ones. And they are never finished, of course. :-)
> >A lang where you can breathe through the nose while speaking would be > >fun, too. ;-) > > The first one IS such! :b
> The phonemic inventory consists of five clicks (blb, dnt, alv, rfx, > pal),
Are they modified in any way? Clicks can be modified so nicely! (But without pulmonic air...)
> a labiodental ejective fricative /f`/, and a weird rhotic > sound which I cannot quite classify ("interdental unvoiced ejective > asymmetric lateral fricative trill" could be a guess).
I think I know what you mean. :-) But I cannot pronounce it quickly enough to think of speaking words like that.
> Vowels: > aeiou = /aEIOu\/. Long variants exist, too. These are not plain long vowels > - I currently analyze them as diphthongs: /aV eE iI oO u\U/,
Quite strange, but does not even look too impossible...
>... > Stops: /p t d k q G\/ > q tends to come out somewhat aspirated. /G\/ has an allophone /g/. >... > Nasals: m n N > I originally had /N\/ too, but that has shrunk to the status of an allophone > (appearing only before other uvulars.)
I did the same in Qthyn|gai. The /N\/ was too hard to distinguish from /N/ for me. However, colloquial Kalaallisut seems to contrast these two (and probably other langs).
> Grammatically, I'm going for a fairly noun-based system; there will only be > a couple of auxiliary verbs, and all verbal constructs will need a further > noun to describe the action itself (so each "verb" would seem like an > idiom). Simple relations, like identity or existence, will be expressable > without verbs at all; most likely with conjunctions.
Please show us more as soon as you have more. Looks like fun. I like noun based langs, too. Two of my languages have no noun/verb construction and my newest idea consists only of nouns, prepositions, and serial 'verb' construction.
> This means that all verbal constructions will be at least transitive (and I > wouldn't be surprized by eg. tetratransitives!)
That SVC based lang of mine will only have intransitives, if you will. :-) Limits:
> How does that work anyway? Does it give you an error message after a certain > limit,
Yes, exactly.
> or just queue leftover messages for the next day?
No, they are just discarded.
> And while I'm at it, why isn't posting via yahoogroups allowed??
Because the Yahoo server is just a place to backup the postings. The primary server is at **Henrik