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Re : Re: Artyom Kouzminykh: Answes&proposal

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Date:Friday, August 20, 1999, 22:21
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 20/08/99 22:15:00  , Barry a =E9crit :

> They are? Hmm tell that to the Austronesians who dont even have tense in > their verbs, which only show aspect. To show time, we use adverbs of time=
> like tomorrow, today, now, yesterday, etc. Verbs conjugate according to > aspect: finished, continuing, and contemplated.
(rabitting on : mpff mpff mpfff - i can't write rabbit well) indonesians & co. don't even show aspects inside the verbs : saya makan : i eat saya sedang makan : i am eating saya masih makan : i'm still eating saya belum makan : i didn't eat yet saya akan makan : i will eat saya sudah makan : i have already eaten saya telah makan : i just finished eating saya mulai makan : i start eating saya akan telah makan, etc. and yes, all of these are verbs used as auxiliaries, adverbs or whatever : mulai means "to start", telah "to complete", akan "to contemplate", etc. but there are only 120 million of them (indonesians, not aspects, i mean). and they find english very difficult to learn. i can't even think of esperanto (JOKEJOKEJOKE) they are quite underdevelopped, you know. mathias