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Re: not un-/anti-passive

From:Jeffrey Jones <jsjonesmiami@...>
Date:Thursday, June 19, 2008, 9:36
On Thu, 19 Jun 2008 10:30:03 +0300, JR <fuscian@...> wrote:
> >On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 4:38 AM, Jeffrey Jones <jsjonesmiami@...> >wrote: > >> In Naisek, there are some grammatical voice prefixes, including a causative >> and two kinds of passive. Another one adds a dative subject, usually >> indicating >> a perceiver, to verbs which otherwise have patientive subjects. I had first >> mistakenly called it an antipassive prefix (I don't know why, except that >> it is >> the opposite of a passive). This was hastily changed to unpassive when I >> looked at it later. It turns out that unpassive is also already used for >> something else, so I need a new term. Does anybody know? >> >> Jeff > > > Do I understand correctly that this is used to de-emphasize an > already-existing patientive subject, and not to add a new argument?
No, it adds a new argument, although the role of the dative may be implicit.
> Does the new dative trigger agreement in the verb (if there is agreement at > all)?
> Can it be used with any verb with a patientive subject? If not, how is its > range limited?
I think so. I forgot to say it's also used with modal auxiliaries.
> When you say the dative subject "usually" indicates a perceiver, what are > the other possibilities?
Someone shaded or rained on, as in examples (1) and (2), and another role I don't know the name for in (5).
> Can you give some examples?
Note: ABS = patientive, ERG = agentive (1) Ho-paldu-bwe. ???-rain.PRS.IND-1NPD "It's raining on us." Technically, paldax is impersonal, but there can still be a patientive argument. (2) Hi korilo su-bwe ho-naus-in. DEF-INA.S.ABS hazel.S.ABS COP.PRS.IND-1NPD ???-shade-VN "The hazel shades us." (The COP copula + VN verbal noun construction = habitual aspect.) (3) T-a-m matse t-i ho-jad-en-ti xiskw-e. 3-ANI.S-GEN mother.S.DAT 3-INA.S.ABS ???-seem-FUT.IND-3SD terrible- SPO "It will seem terrible to her mother." (4) Ho-laun-os-t-ki gaut-a daxme tep nu. ???-beautiful-CMP-VRB-1SD NUL-ANI.S.ABS woman.S.ABS than 2S.ABS "There's no woman more beautiful to me than you." (5) T-i juku ho-laip-ti-twe. 3-INA.S.ABS very ???-easy-VRB-3PD "It's very easy for them." (6) Johanna-i ho-bof-ti lo Tomas-a disp-ax-ta. Joan-DAT ???-modal.PRS.IND-3SD CPL Tom-ERG dance-SUB-3SE "Joan thinks Tom should dance."
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