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Re: PLAIN TEXT!!! was Re: Babel Text in Durin

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Sunday, January 20, 2002, 5:31
A clarification: ASCII is the character set between 32-127 dec or 20-7F hex.
That's everything you can type on an American keyboard without using the
Option key or Alt-###. Latin-1 is ASCII plus a set of characters in the
range of 160-255 dec or A0-FF hex found in various Western languages. It is
NOT the set of characters between 128-159 dec or 80-9F that is assigned by
Windows to various other characters like the florin symbol, OE ligature,
S-caron, proper form quotation marks etc.

But the characters from 128/80 on have different assignments for each OS.
The members of this list may use variously: Mac, DOS, UNIX, Windows, KOI-8
(for Russian).

For those of us who have a more recent version of Mac OS or a UNIX-type OS,
or Win 95 or later, we can work with Latin-1 (Western) as well as Central
European, Turkish, Greek, Cyrillic and maybe Hebrew, Arabic, Thai and
Vietnamese with the proper installs. Windows 2000 and XP have even more
languages to work with (the main reason I upgraded to XP Home, in fact). But
that all depends on the e-mail programs and e-mail servers we use, and then
you have the UUEncode, MIME and other standards to deal with. So it's one
big revolting mess.

I didn't notice any established guidelines on 8-bit text in the list
description, so Mr. Durand might need to say something official on this


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