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Re: USAGE: "draughts" (was Not YAEPT), and OT: paying for stuff

Date:Friday, January 26, 2007, 16:00
li [Mark J. Reed] mi tulis la

> > So really, what I want to know is: Is my assessment of the situation > > accurate? Is the correct way to pay for something in most other > > countries to put the money on the counter? > > > At least over here, it is de rigeur, if not de jure, in money-centric > environments - bank tellers, casino cashiers, etc - for the > money to be > placed on the counter and left for the other person to pick > up. It's a > mechanism to avoid swindling.
This is mainly so everything is in view of the security camera.
> In less formal environments like the cash register at the > grocery store, it > can be done either way without seeming rude, IME (and I've > been on both > sides of the counter).
I've never seen any preference either way. I generally lay the cash on the counter, and usually they hand back the change. At an old watering hold of mine, I used to set my money on the bar with the empty bottle on top. That way when the barmaid came by she knew to get me another beer while I went about playing pool, or whatever instead of standing there waiting. Not really a custom, but I'm sure others do the same.