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A Peace Force Officer's Guide to Glug

From:Ed Heil <uncorrected@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 3:41
OK, the attached HTML file is a short description of
the Glug language.

The Glugs are characters from the roleplaying game
"Over The Edge," set on the paranoiac-surreal island
of Al Amarja.

The Glugs are in fact the original stock of humanity.
They once had a peaceful world civilization, but the
Eight Evil Sages conspired to take over by creating a
degenerate, mutant version of the original humans,
which was susceptible to the psychic control of the
Sage's minions, the Pharaohs.  Eventually the mutant
version overran the world, and true humans had to go
into hiding, and that's why there are so few Glugs
living today.  One of the largest Glug concentrations
is on the isle of Al Amarja.

The word "Glug" is Glug-language for "human," and, we
are told by the designer of Over the Edge, "they think
it has quite a nice ring to it."

My friend Joe (who has a copy of Over the Edge) and I
designed the rudiments of Glug over the last weekend.

It's actually quite similar to my earlier project,
Chanan, in that....

* it has a simple and very restricted (almost
ludicrously restricted) phonology, none of whose
sounds are very alien to English.
* it is isolating and VO.

The only really original thing that I can claim about
it is the format I've chosen to use for the
description of Glug.  There have been a lot of
wonderfully creative conceits used to present conlangs
-- citations of fictional scholarly articles,
informants, and so on -- but I'll bet nobody's used a
persona/situation quite like this one to present a
language. :)


Ed Heil     
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