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USAGE: Other Note more on topic - Inuit jargon?

From:Michael Adams <abrigon@...>
Date:Friday, July 14, 2006, 9:23
Just that the Inuit of Siberia, moved all the way across the northern part of North
America, then to Greenland but stopped at Greenland when Iceland was not that
far away..

We do know of Irish monastics who say Iceland as home until forced out, Irish
myth has :"Tir Na Og" (sort of Heaven, land of ever young) to the west.

Anyone ever worked on a Jargon or Creole before? For this idea, Inuit and Irish or Inuit and Norse?

Sort of a what if, the Inuit did make it to Iceland and maybe even beyond, like to
Scotland/Orkneys. I can see it, after visiting both the Orkneys and Teller
Alaska, they look ALOT alike..

Picts, pre-Celtic, Celtic, or maybe even something else? Inuit or ..


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