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Re: CHAT: Tiri'n script was Re: chat: a conlang of my very own :)

From:Kendra <kendra@...>
Date:Saturday, June 1, 2002, 19:16
Okay, so I managed to whip it up pretty quickly. I guess people in my
house are feeling lazy today. :)

It now occurs to me that I should have done this with the font...

 I'm not so hot wit hthe X-SAMPA
vowels, so I'm going to sin and explain vowels in a stupid way, please
forgive me :|;; Hey, it works well when you can explain it verbally!
The top row are consonants that can be voiced, with the little blue
things. The row below that are their final forms. For the final forms I
mark with blue, I usually don't use the final form; usually you just make a
thing with the voiced thing, like on the 'þ'. I'm pretty stupid with final
The row below that is more consonants, and more final forms...
Then the vowels, which are pretty easy. a i u e o are roughly like the
japanese vowels (or so jeff explained ;). Kind of like the vowels in
bah, bee, boo, bay, bow, if you're me anyway. The accented vowels...make
them sassier, like: bat, bit, but, bet, book.
Dur. I am a vowels idiot. I hope you understand what I mean. Sorry @_@;;
I think if I used x-sampa vowels I'd just end up confusing myself even
The three dots over a letter means to blend the sound with the next one, so
t`"x` = j, as in t`"x`e`f 'Jeff', or it makes u and i do wierd things and
turn into
w and y (/w/ and /j/? :) wow, I'm clueless!)
If you use an accent that goes the other way (which really looks more like
but we use  ' in transliteration, ; in the font,) it represents a vowel
'there but you don't really say,' which I'm guessing is /@/; so you'd
write something like 'below' as p`'lo, at least if you pronounce it like I
It's supposed to be written phonetically, whih can get confusing, because
the two of us disagree on pronunciation sometimes. I would be very afraid
to read Tiri'n written by someone with an accent I'm not familiar with ;)

Also, there's a letter for the german 'ch' sound, but I left it out because
I can't
quite remember it, and tiri'n isn't really well suited to write other
mostly because only three people can read it. :)

-Kendra -- Vade Mecum (comic)


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