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List Membership (was Conference)

From:Shreyas Sampat <nsampat@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 18, 2001, 20:23
And yet out of all these people, there are perhaps thirty (that's just
guessing, but I'm sure it's less than a hundred) that mail the list
regularly.  I wonder how many lurkers like me we have, and people who've
gone nomail and forgotten to switch back.

While I'm mailing, I may as well introduce myself too, since I send mail so
rarely that I may as well be the moss on the mailinglist walls, for all that
I add to the conversation.
So, I'm Shreyas Sampat, originally from Bombay, then Jackson, NJ, then some
Pennsylvanian hell, now in NJ again but elsewhere, and soon to be in college
in Baltimore.
I've got some conlanging projects going (that incidentally have benefited a
lot from my lurking in the shadows of the list), the important ones being
Nrit, a cheerily inflecting language that's got some strange noun
incorporation processes (tsu Natlihaftaisarassûq, my new favorite Nrit
phrase, decomposes to Tai Natlihav tsu sarassûq, tai natlihah.v, this.nom Natlihah.obl AGT , and
Kîrri(i^), a language that keeps changing because I'm annoyed at it.  Once
long ago it had tones performing grammatical functions.. now I have to find
a new way to mark its seven persons.


: I'm not admin, but says
: there's 259 subscribers.
: Also, says there's 213.
: There may be more.
:      *Muke!