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Nearing the end (was Re: An invitation to Diane)

From:Joshua Shinavier <ajshinav@...>
Date:Saturday, June 19, 1999, 9:03
> > Well, it was four lines when I received it, but that was pretty early i=
> > the chain. I must admit to possibly messing it up in fitting it to > > Kassi' poetic standards. The first three lines just happened to work > > out, but the last one I had to slightly paraphrase, turning a > > wh-question into a yes/no question (who ...? to "does a person exist wh=
> > ..?") >=20 > Nik... button it! <G> Josh and Fabian haven't translated it > yet, and there should be no public clues as to even its most trivial > parts. Whether it has questions in it, whether it mentions this or > that... shut up already! <GGGG> > Sally
Not to worry, Sally -- by the time the poem got to me, line #4 wasn't even vaguely a question! Had a bit of an ill-fitting element in it, though, like a sudden reference to ice hockey in a poem about daisies (well, not quite that extreme. I'll shut up now). I just sent an Arov=EBn version off to Fabian -- may it be less painful to decipher than Carlos' was! "A B all C'ed", eh? Hmm, is this "all A's C'd = the B's", or "the A's C'ed all the B's", or... alright, I'm really going to shut up now. JJS :-)