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Re: Computerized translation into conlang?

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Monday, December 1, 2008, 17:46
--- On Mon, 12/1/08, David Vercauteren <njenfalgar@...> wrote:

> From: David Vercauteren <njenfalgar@...>
> Most probably writing a sufficiently good program would > take infinitely more > time that translating it all by hand. Now and then my > colleagues at work > send mails, with translations in English (for our > English-speaking > colleagues) using computer translation. We always have a > good laugh. That's > probably most benefit one gets from machine translation > nowadays... :-) > > Greets > David
Machine translation seems to be one of those areas where, when first approached, it looks like it would not be terribly difficult. Then, a little deeper into the project you suddenly hit an impenetrable brick wall, and any further progress seems impossibly difficult. "When one initially examines some area of the syntax of a natural language, it often seems to manifest what can only be called descriptive chaos." --Paul M. Postal in "Edge-Based Model-Theoretic Syntax". --gary