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Re: CHAT: Arabic translation?

From:Leo Caesius <leo_caesius@...>
Date:Friday, August 4, 2000, 19:15
Barry Garcia wrote (while I was in "al-wilayat al-bustan")
"I was listening to a song by a Latin American Singer named Shakira [...]
seems like Arabic mixed in with the Spanish lyrics [...] Anyway, I'm
wondering what these lyrics mean:

Rabboussamai fikarrajaii
fi ainaiha aralhayati
ati ilaika min haza ikaaouni
arjouka labbi labbi nidai

Anyway those are the lyrics. Hopefully someone here can shed light upon it

   I took a look at this and, for the life of me, I couldn't make heads or
tails of it.  It's obviously a colloquial dialect ("min haza" rather than
"min haadha," etc.) but it is not one that I recognize.
   It is not Egyptian Colloquial (the most widespread and well-known of the
modern dialects; n.b. arjouka "I request" with a jim instead of an Egyptian
gim) so I assumed that it might be a Levantine dialect.  I showed it to one
of my Lebanese coworkers and she couldn't understand it either!  Do you have
the original in Arabic script or only in transliteration?
    Perhaps someone else here on the list may have already identified this
piece?  Sorry that I couldn't help you,
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